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  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    927 Cully Rd Cordova, TN, 38018, USA - Cordova-Appling
    This has been like this for 3 weeks now. It has been tagged by Code Enforcement. What are you people waiting for? REMOVE IT ALREADY. It is a health hazard.
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    4867 Mendenhall Pl Memphis 38117, United States - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
    2nd request for a trash pick up. It was archived before anyone picked trash up. Carpet and mat.
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    6781 The Willows Cove Memphis, TN 38119, USA - River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral
    lumber removed from the deck of my house.
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    1782 Candle Ridge Dr Memphis 38016, United States - Cordova-Appling
    Bags of grass
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    177 S Walnut Bend Rd Memphis 38018, United States - Cordova-Appling
    Tree limbs and three bags of leaves on the curb.
  • Curbside TrashAcknowledged
    Shelby Farms Park Great View Dr N, Memphis, TN, 38120, USA - River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral
    20 bags of leaves
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    3354 Fairbanks St Memphis, TN, 38128, USA - Raleigh
    This property is a tan condo that has trash from the street to the front door. These people go in and out this house every day stepping over the trash that is already on the ground. Now there is more trash and a Mercedes parked in the drive that doesn't work. This is a real eye sore!!! It has a big hedge growing over the house near the entry of the house. There are now stray cats hanging around my house because they get into their garbage bens at this property and mine. I DONT OWN a cat or dog. I didn't have this problem until they moved in. These cats get on my car leaving paw prints where it has walked from the back to the front. Trash.... The trash is all over the front yard, the driveway and there is a unused tire laying in the yard in the trash. The rest of the neighborhood is clean except these people. HELP PLEASE. the holidays are coming up and we always have company at our home. It is embarrassing to me . Even though its not at my house but people cant help but to see it as they pull up to the drive. The windows on the house have been broken out for two years. They put cardboard in the window to replace the window pane. The blinds are torn and just hanging.
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    756 Eclipse Cove Memphis, TN 38018, USA - Cordova-Appling
    trash outside cart and yard waste is missing pick up for more the 2 weeks
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    5355 Chickasaw Rd Memphis 38120, United States - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    2579 Frisco Ave Memphis, TN, 38114, USA - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
    mattress dropped off
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    8499 Karlstad Cv Memphis 38018, United States - Cordova-Appling
    Lots of trash on the curb
  • Trash outside CartAcknowledged
    4488 Sequoia Ave Memphis, TN, 38117, USA - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
    We have branches and bushes that were cut down that need to be picked up, please.