Treasure Island, FL PLUS

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  • Treasure Island Florida - Treasure Island
    Buoys along the beach are missing. Most of the swim buoys have been taken away from Treasure Island. Are they going to be replaced? Many boats are coming in way too close to the shoreline as a result. Thank you
  • 103rd Ave Treasure Island FL 33706, United States - Treasure Island
    Large pile of sand has accumulated on bike path at entrance to Spoonbill parking lot and public beach access
  • 337–399 115th Ave Treasure Island FL 33706, United States - Treasure Island
    Numerous sink holes along causeway seawall For safety, I suggest city add shell fill until seawall is repaired/replaced Thank you
  • 10182 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island FL 33706, United States - Treasure Island
    Accumulation of sand in bike lane at entrance to beach access
  • 10400-10424 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, FL, 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    Overgrowth! Ruining our tourism traffic
  • 8750 W Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
  • 8470 W Gulf Blvd Treasure Island 33706 United States - Treasure Island
    Building is lit up like a Christmas Tree from dusk to dawn. The lighting in not compliant with the city ordinance. A sea turtle nest recently hatched and once again (as this happens year after year) the tiny turtles disoriented and went the wrong way, they were found in the parking lot of Sunset Chateau both live and dead, in the parking lot drains, in W Gulf Blvd street drain, any multiple dead in the street as they disorient and crawl crossing the street and get run over!!!
    Two more nests remain in the vicinity of the building and have a 100% of disorienting as they have each and every year. More disoriented and dead hatchlings can be prevented if the lighting of this building was in compliance.
  • 9000 W Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    would like our city to take a look at caddys on sunset in regards to there garbage that comes from there kitchen that is on display going down gulf bkvd. could it not be put behind some kind if barrier, it us not a nice site to see as you enter onto this part of TI. They also need to cone up with a better solution to there oil waste, there is always a huge puddle of slush laying on road and the smell is disgusting, and runs down side of road.. Previous owners years ago kept this property clean, in this area, but now it is disgusting. And you can't tell me that they aren't making enough money to correct this problem. Need this cleaned up.
  • 11420 1st St E Treasure Island, FL, 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    K&K Realty owns this property and continues to use it as a short term rental unit. This is at least the 15th rental this year. This has been reported several times yet continues to cause problems to all of the law abiding neighbors who have to deal with the parties and vandalism caused. Please uphold your regulations.
  • 108 124th Ave E Treasure Island, FL, 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    Tourist Dwelling in RM-15 Zoning District
  • 12609 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island FL 33706, United States - Treasure Island

    This former liquor store has been a derelict property for years and years The building is ugly and poorly maintained, the sign is huge and in disrepair and is a major visual eyesore for Treasure Island Given its location in one of the city's most popular tourist areas, there is certainly impact to the value of neighborhood homes and other commercial businesses, and it also negatively impacts tourist enjoyment of the area near John's Pass There is frequently abandoned property left behind the building by the dumpsters, and the property attracts nefarious activity The property also becomes regularly overgrown

    It seems to be an unaddressed nuisance property requiring meaningful remediation/redevelopment for the sustained economic growth and general safety/welfare/enjoyment of the surrounding neighborhood

  • 128 Bay Plaza Treasure Island 33706, United States - Treasure Island
    Vacation rental; another person just came in & no one from out of state should be allowed. This is not the first time & the ones coming in are apparently told to back in as to hide the license plate