City of Whiting PLUS

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  • 1401-1413 117th St Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    Again, you need street speed limit signs at center and 119th. They drive like bats out of hell!!
  • 1530 119th St Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    My father and sister have birth been hit at this intersection. drivers coming out of the parking lot attempt to drive onto oncoming traffic. there needs to be a sign to inform them cross traffic fires not stop. I've seen this quite frequently over the past few days.
  • 2845 Schrage Ave Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    one-way sigh on the corner of schrage ave and 129th is missing. car went through the one-way street and almost hit me while I was waiting to turn.
  • 1452 119th St Whiting 46394, United States - Whiting
    The crosswalk button to cross 119th is broken and has not been functioning for over a year. This button is in front of the taco dive restaurant. Needs to be fixed especially since the the traffic light has been returned to the sensors in the road.
  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    1724 Sheridan Ave Whiting 46394 United States - Whiting
    Tree needs to be trimmed, it’s blocking the street light making it too dark
  • 1839 Sheridan Ave Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    tree on parkway, left side of sheridan ave by alley looks dead. no leaves on tree and branches are hanging close to lines in alley. limbs have fallen on vehicles before. strong storms may take more down
  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    1711 Atchison Ave - Whiting
    Tree branches fall every time is rains. Shattered my car windshield and a huge branch fell in front of my steps and broke my light. Tree is dangerous. Can we cut it down please?
  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    1720 Sheridan Ave Whiting 46394 United States - Whiting
    Trees cover the street lights making it dark. 2 bikes were stolen from house. It might help if the street lights weren’t blocked by trees.
  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    1725 Sheridan Ave Whiting 46394, United States - Whiting
    I’m not sure if this is something the city can help with. We have a large tree on the parkway that sways into the front roof of house during high winds. The roots are growing into the gangway and yard, and we were told by a home inspector that this could cause pipe and sewer problems. This type of tree attracts lots of insects. Additionally, the leaves are tiny and clogs the gutters, gets all over and into cars, and stains the sidewalks. It seems to be a type of locust tree. I’d like to request the removal of this tree and would plant another, less intrusive, more aesthetically pleasing tree in its place if possible. I’m available most days to talk to someone. Please let me know if I should call instead. Thanks!
  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    1700 Laporte Ave Whiting 46394, United States - Whiting
    Dangerous hanging limb over sidewalk. Looks like tree is dying and needs to be taken down
  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    1725 Sheridan Ave Whiting 46394, United States - Whiting

    There are tons of low hanging trees in Sheridan. They are on the curb side. If the city handles this, please send tree trimmers. People have to suck when walking down the street.

    Also, our tree has several downward hanging branches that keep getting broken off in storms. They are very close to the home. Can we just have this tree removed? It sure if this is the city’s responsibly or ours, but the tree is on the curb side. It is so large and cumbersome that I’m worried the roots will damage the plumbing or the top will crash into our roof and windows in the next storm.

  • Tree ProblemKinilala
    Whiting 46394 United States - Whiting
    Large dead branches are going to fall on someone. Branches have already fallen and worried someone will be hurt. Trees are on parkway side.