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City of Pinellas Park

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  • 10216 60th Cir N Pinellas Park, FL 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    once again our trash did not get picked up in our whole little neighborhood. This is like the third time in the past year that we have been skipped for garbage pickup
  • 6800 52nd Way N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Please place on rotation to clear out weeds, brush, and trash near the dead end on 68th Avenue. This is a large drainage ditch, in the area where the water flows underneath the Avenue has quite a bit of overgrown plant life. I have received several concerns from Neighbors that it's not being cleared and is unsightly.
  • 4610 71st Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Home is vacant, with many rats. Wood over door/window. Furniture and trash in yard.
  • 6743 92nd Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    This entire property and mobile home had multiple safety issues. The "fence" surrounding the property was taken by the "property manager" during the last hurricane from the 55 plus mobile home park directly behind this property. So it is not even an actual fence but rather broken pieces of an old hurricane battered fence that was destroyed. These fence pieces are haphazardly leaning against one another, falling over and are a serious safety issue. The grass and shrubbery surrounding this place are overgrown causing HUGE Palmeto bugs. The skirting surrounding the trailer is pushed in or missing in multiple places causing a rodent infestations under the home. There is an old non running abandoned vehicle on the property with dirty matresses where intoxicated homeless people sneak snd sleep. Trying to enter the home is a danger as the steps are falling apart. Once inside there are even more serious HEALTH AND SAFETY issues including DANGEROUS outdated electrical issues (A KNOWN FIRE HAZZARD). The electrical panel has no cover and thus exposing hugh voltage currents it makes noises like popping, snapping, and general crackling noises. Fuses blow consistently. Power outages occur daily. Tbere is a constant smell of burning plastic from the wiring burning which is a serious FIRE HAZZARD not just to the poor family stuck living there but the adjacent homes including the 55 plus park behind the home. Their are electrical outlets and wiring just hanging from walls.There are broken windows allowing the elements to enter. The roof leaks, the toilet leaks. Their are holes in the floor where bugs and rodents can enter. Someone needs to get the drug adduct slumlord to fix this place up before the poor widow and child stuck renting this over priced place get hurt by their negligence!
  • 4160 72nd Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Roof damaged, exposed gables
  • 5845 89th Ave N Pinellas park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Over the course of the last month the new owner has boasted on Facebook of his rehab work within this house. It sounds like he’s almost done. Pictures are posted online of his work. He works outside of the cities normal business hours to dodge the inspectors... even makes mention of it on his profile.
  • 6701 80th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
  • 5848 89th Ave N pinellas park, fl - Pinellas Park
    The home is being prepped for a flip, working odd hours of the day, weekends and boarded up windows to hide from inspectors
  • 4700 83rd Ter N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Exterior wall removed no permit visible
  • 62nd St N & 70th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    Dead domestic animal on the west bound sidewalk near the designated crossing lights (Just East of) Some speed enforcement in this area would be appreciated. Not that it would have prevented this but the speeding has been increased noticeably in this area. Thanks for providing this difficult service.
  • 5921 100th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    This was the condition my bins were left in after pickup on 8/2. They were throw so aggressively the the men managed to rip off a handle and the wheels. As these are paid for out of pocket I would like to know how we intend to resolve this issue.
  • 10197 64th Ln N Pinellas Park, FL, 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    I have written to you before about this property and was told the city has no ordinances against a garden. I do not believe what this residence has can qualify as a garden, it is an all out farm. They are now planting all along the side of the house. This is not Vietnam!!! They need to put a fence up. There is no longer a backyard and soon there will be no side yard. I should not have to see vegetation in my neighborhood!! They actually kill the grass prior to planting!!!!