City of Bexley PLUS

Open Issues: 49 Closed Issues: 3,933 Acknowledged Issues: 93
  • ParkOpen
    102 N Parkview 43209 - Bexley
    4 or 5 skunks living under the gazebo. (Please don’t hurt them!!)
  • ParkOpen
    2300–2498 Havenwood Dr S Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Park benches being put in mulched areas when the city mows and not returned to proper areas. Thank you.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    172 S Columbia - Bexley
    This sidewalk is not usable because this home’s shrubs hang entirely over it. A person using a wheelchair or walker would be unable to walk here.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    2576 Bryden Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    This residence has built a brick-lined, raised plant bed that extends several feet onto the alley pavement. The bricks and plant bed are on the pavement and not their yard.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    860 Vernon Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Overgrown bushes on sidewalk coupled with enormous car makes driver’s sight of pedestrians near impossible.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    905 College Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Multiple issues. Bush on NW corner obscures visibility for drivers and pedestrians. Parking on north side of street should ideally not be allowed. (Very hard to navigate safely when people park on both sides.) There are no yellow “no parking” zones near stop signs. People park really close to intersections at at Sheridan and College making it impossible to turn on to Charles safely.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    953 Chelsea Ave Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    These plants obstruct a car's view of the sidewalk/pedestrians when driving through the Gandon/Chelsea avenue between Astor and Charles.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    1 S Dawson Ave Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    the sidewalk on n side of e. broad St near Dawson is obstructed.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    2374 Bexley Park Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Sidewalk partially blocked by bushes
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    748 Sheridan Ave Columbus, Ohio, 43209 - Bexley
    We got a notice on our cars today that we may not park on the street anymore. This is the only option for us. There is only two parking spaces in the drive way and 5 people living in this house. We cannot park in the yard or we will get another notice. We do not know what to do when our landlord does not provide us with enough parking spaces.
  • Street / SidewalkAcknowledged
    430–450 N Cassingham Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Plantings in traffic calming islands on Bellwood have not been maintained and need to be replaced. They are an eyesore.
  • City treeAcknowledged
    2460 Seneca Park Pl Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    there are some really big dead limbs on the tree in front of my house. one came down really close to my car. can some of the big dead limbs be trimmed up.