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  • 28 S Roosevelt Ave Columbus, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    My recycling was not picked up
  • 165 N Parkview Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Spinning wheel broke at Jeffrey mansion child’s playground
  • 784 Chelsea Ave - Bexley
    Mosquitoes are attacking me every time I go outside! I was outside for five minutes this morning and was immediately covered in mosquitoes; this is much worse than in previous years. I know another neighbor on Chelsea reported this same issue. Please consider spraying on our block soon and checking for a source of standing water somewhere nearby. Thanks.
  • Sanitary sewerオープン
    145 S Merkle Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    The street on merkle is flooded on both sides. I imagine one of the sewer grates is blocked. Water is coming up onto the sidewalks
  • SignADIは、
    346 S Gould Rd Columbus 43209, United States - US Congressional District OH12
    A lot of motorists don’t realize that the roundabouts on Gould are not a four way stop. I have been almost hit numerous times by people not realizing traffic on Gould has the right of way. In east moor the stop signs at the roundabouts have a sign underneath that says “thru traffic does not stop”… could this be added to the stop signs on powell and dale at Gould?
  • SignADIは、
    380 N Cassady Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    People drive really fast through this area and rarely stop at the crosswalks even for children to cross during school crossing hours. It would be nice if the crosswalks on north Cassidy had the same features as south Cassidy such as a crossing button that lights up the crosswalk signs and a sign in the middle to slow traffic down and alert drivers of the presence of the crosswalk.
  • SignADIは、
    S Dawson Ave & E Main St Columbus, Ohio, 43209 - Bexley

    The Dawson Avenue street sign is missing at the NW corner of Dawson & Main. It's been missing at least a couple months.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Storm sewerADIは、
    2751–2799 Powell Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Leaves have not been picked up for two weeks. Blocking storm sewers on both corners of Powell and Roosevelt here.
  • Storm sewerADIは、
    212 S Roosevelt Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
  • Storm sewerオープン
    88 S Ardmore Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    East side of S Ardmore Rd., between Powell and Broad, doesn’t appear to have any storm drains. There’s one long puddle stretching that whole portion of the road. Reporting today, but this has been an issue since moving in 2 months ago. Every rain causes this puddling. Ardmore has a reputation of basements flooding. In fact, I’m having a sump pump installed today. Makes me wonder if the two are related. Nevertheless, the puddling is an issue for those who park on the street.
  • Storm sewerオープン
    2714 E Broad St Columbus, Ohio, 43209 - Bexley
    We had sewage backup during the flood
    We had a company out to clean and video our line. Our line is clean, but the city sewer is clogged, which means it will keep backing up in our house until pumped out. Company calling you. Urgent
  • Storm sewerオープン
    E Broad St & N Cassingham Rd Bexley, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    storm drains on north side of Broad St at Cassingham are caked with leaves