City of Bexley PLUS

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  • 2400 Havenwood Dr N Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Water is not draining from the curb to a storm sewar. There seems to be a hump on the way to Euclaire from this home. Water just sits in front of the home and backs up to the sump pump from which it came
  • 989 Chelsea Ave Columbus, OH 43209, USA - Bexley
    citizen on Facebook reports that storm sewer cover is missing on one of the openings at this intersection.
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    36-126 N Cassady Ave Bexley, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
  • Street / SidewalkPotwierdzone
    2506 E Livingston Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Resurfaced alley between Remington and Vernon just north of Livingston has the same puddles or worse than before repair
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    633 S Cassingham Be Rd Bexley 43209 United States - Bexley
    Dangerous pothole for pedestrians. 8 inches wide and at least 2 feet deep. Located in alley between Euclaire and S. Cassingham.
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    256 S Columbia Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Large pothole as you turn eastbound onto Dale from Columbia
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    127 S Remington Rd Columbus, OH, 43209, USA - Bexley
    There are a couple potholes right in front of 127 S Remington. One of pretty big. If you can please fill, we’d appreciate!
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    744 S Roosevelt Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Hornet nest in city tree, south side of Mound, 3rd tree from Roosevelt
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    76 S Dawson 43209 - Bexley
    Water cap at the end of the driveway is cracked and broken.
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    796 S Remington Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Potholes: Remington Rd from Main St to Astor Ave
  • 132 S Drexel Ave Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley
    Could Bexley please repaint the Cross Walk and add a crosswalk flashing light on Powell and Drexel. (Similar to the one Cassidy and Dale) The paint has chipped and it’s not visible to drivers. Thinking of students as school starts in August. Thank you!!
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    931 S Remington Rd Bexley 43209, United States - Bexley