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  • 2400 Esplanade Dr Virginia Beach 23456, United States - Virginia Beach city
    City owned trail that comes starts at the back of Foxfire Park has multiple trees with pink, some graphic graffiti.
  • 2854 Kilbourne Court Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451, Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast

    Upkeep is needed for the pathways and the boardwalk/bridge that connect Beach Garden Park to 30th street, including sections that go around a small section of salt marsh.

    Tree branches overhanging the path need to be trimmed. (This is also true of some sections of the path in the main section of the park.)

    Many of the boards on the bridge are loose and one is completely is sliding sideways and may soon be completely unsupported on one end. Many other boards are disintegrating.

    The asphalt path has many cracks, in one place several inches deep and wide, which poses a safety hazard for bicyclists.

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    701 S Atlantic Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Dam Neck Naval Air Station
    Very healthy tree has grown in width to inhibit visibility of pedestrians (especially smaller ones) from seeing cars and drivers from seeing pedestrians attempting to cross S. Atlantic from Beach. Alternatively, stop sign on NB S. Atlantic could be advanced 6 - 10 feet north and we could save the tree
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    748-838 Pacific Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, USA - Northeast
    When is new fountain going to be installed in Lake Holly?
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    952 Virginia Ave Virginia Beach 23451, United States - Northeast
    Please mow down the meadow area behind guard rail at Marshview park behind sign at 1033 Virginia Ave.
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    Kempsville Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23464, USA - Virginia Beach city
    There are four sidewalk light with various pole numbers along paths bordering Kempsville rd that are not working.
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    213 N Oceana Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Northeast
    fence and wire broken in Oceana Gardens park. fence pieces laying in grass area with metal fencing still attached. very dangerous with children playing at park.
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    3724 Spruce Cir Virginia Beach, VA, 23452, USA - Virginia Beach city
    This is a path way between Windsor Forest and Sentara Way, the reflector signs are down and the road blocks to keep vehicular traffic from cutting through to get to Rosemont has been knocked down. There was a sign that stated no through traffic but it has also been knocked down.
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    1985 Nettle Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Reporting a 3 feet wide by 3 feet long by 3 feet deep hole in the ground by the mail box between the sidewalk and the street. The side wall in the same location was repaired approx. 2 years ago.
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    Pleasure House Point Natural Area 3957 Marlin Bay Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    mountain bike trail ramps Disturbed area
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    916 Gideon Rd Virginia Beach 23454, United States - Virginia Beach city
    The Sawyer Lakes Estates City of Virginia Beach Neighborhood Park needs the weeds mowed.
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    1124 Crossway Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Thereare 3 Deep holes where fence used to be that were not filled.