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Curious how to get the railroad to clean their part of tracks and how to reduce the horn blowing in the wee hours of the morning?


Report to Union Pacific, as for the horns, depending o...<a href="/houston/questions/5129-Curious-how-to-get-the-railroad-to-clean-their-part-of-tracks-and-how-to-reduce-the-horn-blowing-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning">Read more &#187;</a>

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Any plans to synchronize the stoplights in downtown? You can't go a block or two before hitting a redlight. Appears to be terribly inefficient. Even worse with I45 under construction and more cars and buses routing downtown and blocking intersections.


...<a href="/houston/questions/4457-Any-plans-to-synchronize-the-stoplights-in-downtown-You-can-t-go-a-block-or-two-before-hitting-a-redlight-Appears-to-be-terribly-inefficient-Even-worse-with-I45-under-construction-and-more-cars-and-buses-routing-downtown-and-blocking-intersections">Read more &#187;</a>

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fix it

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where do i go to find the response to a new service number


If you have made a post concerning an issue and been given a reference or service number you can write that number down and ...<a href="/houston/questions/3230-where-do-i-go-to-find-the-response-to-a-new-service-number">Read more &#187;</a>