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I live on Telstar Circle. Can you tell me which neighborhood asssociation I should attend for meetings?

BJ Robinson, Community Watch

For Community Watch issues and information, contact the Bailey/Patton Estates ...<a href="/huntsville/questions/5859-I-live-on-Telstar-Circle-Can-you-tell-me-which-neighborhood-asssociation-I-should-attend-for-meetings">Read more &#187;</a>

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How do we address a home that has a hoarding issue, inside and outside?

Huntsville Mayor's Office

Thank you for reaching out, Shannon. You may contact the Community Development Department at 256-427-5400. Thank you, Your Huntsville Connect Customer Service Team

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Huntsville city not doing their job with issuing and followup on issues. Also deleting concerns of issues by City residents?


There ya go...
"Why does it take the city..."
That is the correct way to form your complaint into a question.

You get a gold star 🌟

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We own a house in HSV. We've been waiting for weeks to hear back from Engineering so that we can start refurbishment

Looking Around

Just a suggestion: have you checked to make sure that is in fact the department responsible for issuing building permits?