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I live on a private way in Natick center and the entire street is an easement. Our neighbors have had a large, immobile van parked on the street, another immobile car in their driveway, and up to three more cars in their driveway or parked on the easement at any given time. My husband and I just purchased a van to accommodate our growing family and we cannot back out of our driveway the way my neighbors have their van (which again, is immobile and full of garbage). Police have been out several times in the last two years. When it snows, the plow misses that entire side of the street because the van is in the way. We had to park a block away when I was due to have a baby last year because we can not reliably get out when there is snow. I missed a surgery consultation last time it snowed because (as police confirmed) we could not get out the way the neighbor's van was positioned. I am unsure what to do about this van, and I don't believe my family should need to purchase a smaller car to accommodate the fact that this couple has five cars, three of which are vans and two of which do not move at all. This van is a hazard blocking an easement and the owners are abusive to anyone who asks about it.

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