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Hope salem and every town city county or jurisdiction are prepared for double the drunks to to lack of rideshare drivers . I think the reopening plans have no considered drivers needs who work industry from availability to food amenities to high cost of operating to health risks. Cities like salem have no amenities for service workers 24 7 and no dunks 24 7. Those things prevent cab or rideshare delivery people from servicing drunks. When you have less services for workers I these industries people who are high or drink will seek them on there own increasing road hazards. Salem needs parking rest areas and more awareness that cab livery uber lyft delivery people pay lots of taxes with gas as well thevwork they do grates sakes gas and other taxes keeps drunks home or off roads while supporting businesses. The reopening will be catastrophic because cost for app services is up with less drivers leaving many at bars waiting longer or trying to drive. High gas prices and other government taxes have destroyed these independent contractors no planning gas gone into reopening. Sunshine and tri city cannot fulfill these needs with crappy cars and unprofessional drivers

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