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Fitchburg, MA


Tree Pruning & Brush Trimming


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The bushes on Pleasant Ave as you approach Warner Ave are very overgrown and coming onto the roadway in the path of traffic causing branches to rub against the side of vehicles. They are also growing over the road and coming down from the top. With my driveway on that road I am worried about damage to my vehicle.

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P. Is the tree on city/public property?
R. Yes
P. Is the branch touching any power lines?
R. No
P. Are any branches low enough to hit people or vehicles?
R. Yes
P. Can you provide an estimate of the tree's height and diameter ?
R. its a row on bushes on the left side of the road on Pleasant ave and you approach Warner ave, not sure
P. Do you feel that the tree needs to be removed?
R. the overgrown bushes branches need to be cut back

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