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This dangerous intersection has been reported here at least twice in the past. Now major construction has begun on a piece of land that adjoins the intersection. Trucks are parked on the street, reducing visibility even further.

But more importantly: When the condo construction is completed, will the driveway for the new residences empty onto Ashland Street in the exact location where we already have the serious issues with visibility, driver speed, etc. that have previously been discussed here? If so, and no new signs, flashing lights etc. are added, the intersection will become even more dangerous.

Can someone in the appropriate city department please check the construction plan (and more specifically the entrance/exit/parking plan) for the new residences, and see if we are indeed going to be dumping more traffic onto this already-hazardous section of road? And if so, can someone please develop a plan to help reduce the likelihood of an accident? Thanks in advance for checking into this.

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