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The speed limit is 25mph. The buses, the cars, the trucks, everyone is going over 50mph. This has been a long standing issue that is being essentially ignored by the police and CT Transit. I have done my citizen duty to report this, but it's time for the City to take this more seriously. CT Transit has sent some "supervisors" who sit on COncord in direct view of approaching buses with their blinkers on. They wave and honk their horn at the drivers. The one time they sent someone at night, he sat around the corner while the buses were flying by, his face lit up blue by the light of his phone in front of his face. Concord is not a cut through. Move the buses to the hihgway on Townsend, post more speed limit signs, put in more stop signs, or speed bumps. At this point the speed bump sound would give me pleasure compared to the speeding and the noise by buses and cars flying by my house. I want someone out here now doing study to figure out what to do about this mess. Also, please start by putting up one of the speed limit signs that show people how fast they are going. You can start there. Please we are really fed up and the summer has not even begun. Someone is going to get hurt.

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