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I live at 361 Newark Avenue. There is a crosswalk directly across the building. On the cross street there is also a stop sign, but this particular location does not have any traffic control. It is difficult for pedestrians to cross from one side to the other since there is no traffic light or stop sign. If a car does finally decide to stop, the cars at the stop then begin to go and do not give pedestrians a chance. I have also seen quite a few accidents in this location due to the crossing of pedestrians.

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Q. What pedestrian and traffic safety elements would you like the city to consider?
A. 4. Traffic: Stop Sign Request ( For requests to conduct a traffic study to determine if a stop sign is warranted at an intersection.)
Q. Additional Information
A. It is very difficult to see that this is a crosswalk. There is no sign indicating so. I am not sure if adding a stop sign here will help since there already is one on the opposite side of the street. A street light may be a better suggestion.

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