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Quick message to notify the City of Yonkers about an INCOMPLETE job that was done by the City. I live on 14 Emerald Place, with my direct neighbors across the street being 9 Emerald Place. We had both complained about a huge tree that was about to come down on street power cords and the City of Yonkers after weeks of complaints finally came and chopped it down. Only Problem is they never finished, even though the guys promised to come back the next day. We need to get this cleaned up and taken care of ASAP; it is directly in front of 9 Emerald Place. Also, there at one point was a street light there, which since has been taken down. It being a mainly older neighborhood, once the sun goes down people are scared to walk down the street because it is pitch dark and the streets are all very cracked. Someone can get seriously injured. This brings me to my third and final point. The street NEEDS to be repaved. Just because it’s a dead end, doesn't mean we deserve to be ignored. So problem 1) Tree stub cleanup 2) Please put some sort of lighting as there was no reason to take it down to begin with and 3) please fix the roads and repave as one or two patches doesn't quite fix the road. Thanks again, your consideration is truly appreciated.

James Vazquez

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