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How is it that it is ok to cut all the trees down on the lot lines in this neighborhood that has already lost so many to the tornado? My back neighbor cut a 150 foot Magnolia yesterday, and today the cutter says he's going to clear all the others left. 2 tall deciduous trees. Now we are exposed to both his full house and the other neighbors parking lot and sheds, and the vale of our property has plummeted! NO SHADE NO PROTECTION from a view of their ugly space. There's no way in the world to plant anything to take the place of an OLD VALUABLE, ESTABLISHED TREE , they have a huge impact on the neighborhood aesthetic and worth as well as the environment. I talked to a COR person in zoning and he said there was only a ruling for percentage of allowable cutting for properties over 2 acres. It should be the other way around! Can't the COR get this right? Stop letting people run roughshod over each other! That includes developers.


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