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This trailer park is on Avenue A. A main cut thru off of Hwy 41 to Siesta Key Beach. Also, located across from Tiny houses that house tourists who travel to see our beautiful beaches from all over the world.

The sight they have to see directly across the street from their vacation stay should not be. It does not leave a good impression and has an unkept look like you would see in a different part of town. Rats running around, many feral cats that run across the busy street and don't make it.

One trailer is vacant and the owner passed away many years ago. So people break in and squat. The screens are falling off, break ins to the door and debris every where. In addition, the next door trailer leaves out all their garbage cans for the week sprawled all over the curb and garbage sits there all week, every week because the garbage men do not take it if not in cans. Something needs to be done.

If I could I would check off all the choices for violation, but this site only allows me to check off one Issue!!

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A. Junk/Trash/Debris

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