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Absinthe Group has expanded the garbage room and removed a parking space on The 200 block of Ivy Street. I have tried to communicate with them and they have stopped all communications. 1. They have consolidated all 3 restaurant and 1 bakery operation into one garbage room. 2. This has created a unhealthy environment for the neighborhood. 3. There was no outreach before they built the room and removed a parking space. 4. The parking space is tied to CUP or zoning for the property. To remove the space is one violation. 5. Not having pulled a permit to expand the garbage room is another violation. 6. Fire, Health, Building, Planning/Zoning, DPW departments should have inspected this project before they expanded it. 7. They are also pressure washing food waste, grease, broken glass, and other debris into the NPDES storm gutter and drains. The debris is being moved from their control in the garbage room to the street. DPW supervisor had to dispatch a street sweeper to 200 block of Ivy to clean up the mess they have made. Please have the respective agency's respond to this request. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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A. Building Without a Permit


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