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I'm a senior and I went to the senior center today. I was totally appalled to see kids in there and not the Seniors! Who's being allowed in and why are they turning me away at the door when it's almost 100 degrees outside? The doors were locked! Why aren't seniors allowed to use the senior center? I was told no seniors are allowed in at this time. Why is the senior center's budget increasing by a substantial amount, even during the pandemic, when seniors aren't being allowed in? My husband and others benefited greatly from the activities (ping pong, the pool table, the exercise room and the socialness and lunch) before it was closed. Why is the mayor opening everything else up but not the center (for the Seniors anyway), and why is the city allowing some people in (approximately 10 teenagers ) and not others? How many Seniors in the city are dependant on the Senior Center? Why is the center only offering one/two classes a day (3 classes total for the moment) and not letting people in for anything else? The center was open for over a decade. No need to re-invent the wheel. What is the holdup??? Every day counts for a senior especially ones with a disabilities. They actually digress without the exercise and being social! I'm retiring soon, paying a substantial amount in taxes a year and looking forward to using the center myself. I don't like to be told to go to another city and use theirs. The center was great! Please bring it back for the Seniors! By the way, there are 3 classes scheduled for this week! WHO KNEW!!! Did a letter go out to the Seniors?? They have everyones addresses because the Seniors got the Senior Center Calendar. June 23rd THIS Wednesday 10:30 - 12pm painting class. Thursday June 24th 10:00am Gentle Mat Yoga (10 ppl), Thursday June 24th 11:00am Chair Yoga (20 ppl). I only know this because I went there in person. (Malden is horrible at marketing and letting people know what is happening in Malden. Signage, banners, anything would be great! Sign up TODAY! Are we allowed to use the exercise rm, ping pong and Pool table before, during and after these classes. When are Seniors allowed in for these classes? Can they arrive 1/2 hour, or 1 hour before these classes?? If I am incorrect in anything I have stated here, please correct to make the public aware. The Seniors can't wait! Love the teens... but, Seniors take priority in a Senior Center!!! Also, I'm almost 70 and still working. I would like to go to the center with my husband. We would like to see a 7pm schedule again, movies and events.


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