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The intersection of Newton and South Dakota Ave NE is dangerous. Newton Street traffic is guided by two stop signs, augmented by a confusing sign reading, “Westbound South Dakota Ave traffic does not stop.” Eastbound traffic on South Dakota is guided by a traffic light that alternates between flashing yellow and red. And Westbound traffic faces a light that is perpetually green.

The problems with this set up are numerous. First, drivers new to the area may not understand the warning below the stop sign; seeing the cross traffic light turn red, they pull into the intersection, only to be struck by westbound traffic. Second, vehicles turning south off of South Dakota wait for the light to turn red, not realizing that the west signal will never turn, and they are unable to see when the east-bound traffic is stopped by a red light, leaving the driver to guess when it is safe to turn. All of this confusion - added to the frequent speeding on South Dakota, means frequent accidents and daily near-misses.

Most of all, this is an easy fix - install a regular traffic light, where all lights rotate through red, yellow, and green - No ambiguous warning signs, no flashing lights.

Please fix this intersection before someone is seriously hurt.


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