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What is it going to take for Town of Needham to completely repave Murphy Rd? I have made @ least 7 or more requests to replace this Rd. I live @ 51 Murphy Rd. There are many** Deep & Dangerous potholes to the right of my driveway. I call multiple times each year. The result has been patching these pot holes. Patching does not last bcuz these potholes are far too large, & they are multiplying. This Road is a major shortcut used by motorists day & night. They drive from High Rock St..thru Murphy Rd onto Linden St (Linden St. Is always freshly paved & smooth. Drivers also drive from Linden St thru Yurick Rd, onto Murphy Rd,..thru to High Rock St. The area to the right of my driveway (51 Murphy Rd) has so many large deep potholes. Cars are driving into these pot holes & the Cars are banging as they drive over & into these many potholes. **This is a Bus Stop. Young kids must walk right across these potholes. This is an accident waiting to happen..kids also play in the street, there are no sidewalks. Regardless whether the land is part of the Needham Housing Authority...This Road needs to be black topped in its entirety. Linden St (A large portion of it is owned by the Needham Housing Authority & Linden St, has sidewalks & it is recently black topped & paved to a smooth service. The Needham DPW plows this Road (Murphy Rd) as well as Yurick Rd & all Needham Housing Authority Rds/Streets in Winter. Please consider *Repaving all of Murphy Rd. It is just a matter of time before a child, or adult falls into these potholes & becomes seriously injured. Thank you

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Q. Where in the road is the pothole located?
A. 51 Murphy Rd ,right of driveway.


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