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Remove "No Dogs Allowed" Sign from Morrison Park Archived

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The presence of dogs and their owners is one of the few things keeping this park safer than it otherwise would be (especially at night).

Here are some positive things that I've witnessed:

-Dog owners are the closest thing we have to a neighborhood watch, especially now that it's getting darker earlier and the lighting in the park is VERY inadequate at night.

-Dog owners keep the drug dealers from completely taking over the area.

-Dog owners are the only ones who get together to clean the park of the dangerous broken glass, grocery carts, and other litter that is left behind.

-I have never witnessed the small dogs that make the majority ever threaten small children and have only ever seen kids playing with the small dogs.

Instead of focusing on removing a positive influence to Morrison Park, how about focusing on what is really wrong with area?

-Last year there was a stabbing in Morrison Park.

-Recently I saw a group of girls viciously beat another in plain daylight.

-I have witnessed drug deals in the fenced-in play area. I've seen and smelled kids smoking marijuana there as well.

-I've also seen the same activities occur behind the dugout of the baseball diamond.

I believe that these persons are more of threat to children than small dogs.

Oddly enough, it seems that these activities disburse when dogs and dog owners are nearby.

I think the proper balance would be to add a gated-in area strictly for dogs to safely run off-leash. This way, people who are threatened by dogs would feel less threatened, and we would maintain the positive influence of dog owners in the area.


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