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Do we really need an easter egg hunt? Isnt there something else we can put money towards?? C'mon,, people....let's get Hook cleaned up!!! We need a community day(S) to to clean and paint!!!!
We need the kids AFRAID of the cops....not bad mouthing them. We need to get the addicts out of many little kids and seniors which cant afford to get robbed. We dont need tickets for stickers....we need fines for parents not watching their kids!!! Kids have no respect for adults.....can I go on?? Its a nice little town.....if landlords cant keep up with propertys, GET OUT!!!!
Section 8 has to Delaware if you have a kids over age 3, you have to go to school.....if you dont you get the boot. If you cant walk out and pick up after your kids and clean your yard,, GET OUT!!!!! If you have 10 kids in your yard, you are responsble for all their actions....Parking lots should be for parking. not playgrounds...We need to clean up Hook...anyone interested in getting a clean up committee, let me know. Respond to this. Has anybody done anythign for a Senior lately? Thanks


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