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Cross walks and State law enforcement Open

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I am sad to report that as many times as I have watched my son nearly get run down for crossing in a cross walk to get to his bus stop and asked for police to assist in enforcing the Stte law...and asking the city to place cones with signs as other communities do to protect their citizens....people do NOT respect cross walks in West Haven. I'd rather not have to take photos of the plates to post here but will since my tolerance is dropping each time I walk and watch my son try to safely get to his destination. This is not random 'cross as I feel awith no regard for cars' crossing and I am abotu to call Channel 8 to disclose how often the cross walk law is ignored and not enforced byand our town. We nearly were hit the other day as a woman did not even slow down for a red light and turned right without slowing WHEN we had the pedestrian walk light on! And she had the nerve to swear at me an my son for crossing. Beach Ave also has drivers who turn their heads when they see you tryin got cross in a crosswalk and simply drive through and nearly hit you. I have seen no police presence, but am happy to see a few walking the beat! We need much more of that and more ticketing.

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