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Many Numerous Street Lights Out Acknowledged

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There are numerous street lights out on Estes Park, one on the corner of Estes Park and River Ridge Dr, and it has been out for months, the other is at the end of Estes Park before it circles back to meet River Ridge once again. Multiple street lights are out all along Haltom Road between Western Center Blvd and Haltom High School. Again, these have been out for over a month or longer. A street light is out on the exit of Haltom Road exiting on the side of the water tower which helps illuminate the sharp turn in the dark, that has also been out for over a month, there are also several street lights out along Western Center Boulevard between Haltom Road and Beach Silver Sage which have been out for a while. I think there are more, but this is all I can remember as of right now. Does anyone in the city ever monitor these things or will they stay out until someone reports them????

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