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Sanitation Enforcement


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pothole, trash, rodents


The multi-unit residential building at 660 Kenyon St NW trash collection area is often full of trash and much of the trash does not remain in the trash cans. In addition, several of the trash containers are structurally unsound and have large holes in the lower section of the container that rodents can easily access. There are also other parts of the rear and side of the building that are not kept clean and harbor rodents. I have included a photo showing the state of one of the trash cans and some of the trash collection area. This trash area is full of rats at night, many of which run into the basement of this building when you walk by. With the amount of money this city spends on rodent abatement, broken trash cans like this are a huge part of the problem.

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Q. Is this a residential or commercial property?
A. Commercial Property

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