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I have seen a lot of bicyclists being pulled over lately, but somehow our downtown police seem completely unaware of the drivers flagrantly violating laws.

Just today, I watched a police officer in car 111-NH sit here, looking at Elm Street, as car after car ran the red light--some of the cars ran through walk symbols, one even then immediately parking, not 10 feet from the police officer.

The officer did nothing, just sat there, watching.

What do we need to do to get the city to take this type of lawless behavior seriously? They seem to be very adept at pulling over african-americans and searching them for guns, but I rarely see them pull over white drivers in expensive cars breaking the law downtown.

It isn't just about finding guns, but about making a safe, orderly city for everyone. Does the current behavior, similar to profiling, actually encourage a safer city, or just lead to african-americans feeling that they have been harassed?

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