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We live at 1604 broadway. The intersection between Broadway and Lincoln, broadway and central and broadway and Santa clara are all high risk intersections. We , my sons and I have nearly been hit by cars driving far too fast a number of times, there have been close calls daily, and since moving here six seven months ago there have been three serious car crashes on broadway and Lincoln. One of them was a car that crashed into a parked car just by our driveway. Cars are speeding down broadway as if both the car and fuel are stolen goods! I’m always scared of taking my kids across the street, the pedestrian walkway doesn’t seem to be of any importance to the cars racing down broadway. I have been yelled at and honked at for being too slow walking over, while I was carrying my two year old two bikes and holding my 6 year old in my hand to keep him safe too. I am surprised that stopping for pedestrians seems completely optional on the island, I really wish we had tragic lights or a full stop sign. And I also really wish we had more police on traffic duty.

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