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There are NO speed limit signs going south from Salem Hospital all the way to the pedestrian bridge after Crowdis St. where there is a 35 mph sign. There is one 30 mph speed limit sign going south by Collins Middle School. One 30 mph sign fell down on the SW corner of Colby St. 3 years ago and has not been replaced! The speed limit is 30 mph on Highland Ave. from the pedestrian bridge going north but only one sign and not until you get to the Salem Hospital.
Result: Highland Ave. can be renamed "The Salem Speedway!"
Signs need to be posted every few blocks on this main north south road.
I would also suggest LOWERING the speed limit to 25 mph until the pedestrian bridge then up to 30 mph maximum to the Lynn line. Safety first! Many cars and trucks! also routinely go 45-50 when traffic is light....

This was originally posted back on 6/20/2020 and NO new speed limit signs have yet been installed. On 6/26/2020, Officer Dana Mazola was killed by a speeding car (going 55 mph in a 25 mph zone) on Jefferson Ave. Please take action to stop the speeding! Enough said.

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