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We were sad to see the previous report of the ducks was closed, with no action taken.

NOW we have OVER 30 MORE ducks roaming through Timberbrook that were born this year (and there are more at the creek by A&H and surely other groups!) This photo shows 25 that are new this year and there is another group of at least 12 that just showed up. They are a nuisance and need to be dealt with. They should be relocated to a more rural setting where they can roam as they please. Our yard is constantly full of ducks and that means their droppings. Front and back yard is full of their droppings and our children can't play without stepping in it. They are mean and destructive to private property.

If the game commission or the borough cannot do anything to address this widespread issue, what can we as residents do?? Are they wild ducks? Do they belong to someone? Someone needs to take responsibility and help rectify this. They do not belong here where they can double or triple in numbers EVERY YEAR. There is no population control with them and they are out of control. Please help!

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Q. What type of animal?
A. Ducks
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A. Other

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