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I would like to report a nuisance vehicle. My neighbor from 1719 Empress Lane keeps parking his Silver Acura infront of my house. Sometimes leaving it for days/weeks at a time here and there. As you can see by the photohe has plenty of room to park in his driveway next to or behind his daughters silver Ford Focus. Last time it sat for a week in front of my house and was in the way of me cutting the grass. The main issue is I have already tried knocking on their door to ask them to move the car into their own driveway or infront of their own house AND left a note on the vehicle telling them to stop parking there but the guy continues to do it. It is in the way every time I want to cut my own grass and im not going to keep having to go across the street to ask them to move their from infront of MY HOUSE. He is a NUISANCE. Please do something about it. I understand it's technically a public road but he has his own driveway or space infront of his own house for parking.


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