Large Motor Home Parked on Small Street Open

7512 Lawndale Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Vehicle - Tan/White Holiday Rambler Motor Home, PA Plate # HH-23207, 2nd District.
Why is this violation being ignored. This is a safety issue as well as a parking violation. Unsafe for traffic and pedestrians, causes blind spots. Parked on a small residential street with No Truck Parking Rule. Please contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority to have issued resolved. Previous Ticket # 1573625 was closed out stating the vehichle was properly inspected and registered. That is not the issue. Should not be permitted to park this large vehicle/truck on residential street. Last summer a child on a bike was hit due to the vehicle not being able to see any pedestrians while coming down the street. Please resolve. Thank you

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