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I purchased a Habitat home at 34 Vernon Street, 1 year ago. The dumpster from the housed next door is located by the fence right by my driveway next to my front porch. The dumpster definitely needs to me moved for health and safety issues. The smell is horrible. Every time we open the front door. In the summer, we cannot even sit in our porch because of the smell and the bugs. In addition, every time the dumpster is over loaded with trash, the wind blows the trash to my house and we have to pick up the garbage all the time. I have two small children and this is not safe for them either.
I spoke with the landlord once and he said he can not do anything, and wants me to find a solution.
The lot was empty for many years before building the house and this is probably why the dumpster was moved by my fence. I hope you can help with this issue.


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