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on July 10th when we had the huge storm hit our area a lot of tree limbs from the school and neighboring houses 3 or houses down. the road was blocked and everyone was clearing the street and moved them off to my side of the road but still town of gilbert vs against the school yard on 154th street. We called a few times to see if someone can come pick up the debris and was not told no but to wait for bulk pickup. down the street they picked up but not ours. the road is behind Weinberg school and between the side of my house. I know the town owns the top of the street as they asphalted some and the rest is for resource accesses. My address is considered county however it is off the road on town of gilbert. We really need someone to come pick these up. what can we do to get this service? I really do not want scorpions and critters to move in and we just paid 600.00 to clean that side of the road the week before. I dont have a picture at the moment but can add one when i get back home. the picture on my phone is not sending as i am out of memory.

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