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safe to turn on red, please remove potential deadly hazard Open

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A few days ago i was driveing down nuckles, and there was a car waiting for the lights at springfield and nuckles to turn right, in the farthest right hand lane,

These lights often take more then 30 seconds to change.

the driver waited and came to a complete stop. the intersection was clear.

The driver turned, just as i and or we were coming up to the light to stop. we stopped. and the person who turned safely turned.

the light turned green and we proceeded into the intersection, only to be cut off by a speeding car, likely in excess of 60mph, that was a police officer. Running a red light blatantly disregarding others safety...nearly causeing a deadly accident, to pursue a safe* driver.

The sign saying no turn on red must be removed.

The lights need to be replaced with proper signals, green ,yellow red arrow for day time busy streaks.encourageing yielding, requireing stops. solids for rush hours. but the turn lanes that do not cross lanes of traffic should alternately merge into traffic if it can be done so safely. springfield right onto nuckles...nuckles right on to springfield....

It should *not be forced to wait, more then 6-30seconds and should be encouraged to keep moving.

yellow or red flashing arrows in all turn lanes and ssolid yellow / flashing straight lanes at night. i'm thinking after 7pm. most nights are sparse traffic here.

Makeing a complete stop before proceeding through this intersection is reasonably safe. Do not proceed if there is traffic moving through the intersection or likely to be. those who do not do so. would be considered quite reckless i hate it when people do this without traffic lights...going from a 25mph side street into 45mph traffic....real smart...not safe...and often no stop sign.

All of the road for a reasoable distance,which is visible to drivers at all stops, and with no other obstructions. aside from the occasional SUV who won't let you inch forward to see around them....The recent addition of this road sign, is not having a safe effect for this intersection, and is apparantly being abused by law enforcement.

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