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Manhole/Catch Basin Acknowledged

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City of Medford


Manhole/Catch Basin


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I live at 5 Hickory Ave and have been dealing with the rain rolling over the catch basin at the top of my driveway. It’s the only one on the street! The current from the rain has ripped up the ground and made huge pot holes filled with water now. They have addressed it once but it still fills up and now we have to babysit the drain every time it rains! It fills up with leaves and debri
And blocks the water from going in. It is so frustrating we are constantly getting water in our finished basement. Dealt with it for 17 years, we are getting too old to be dealing with this! Please look into it! It’s so frustrating!

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A. 5 & 44 Hickory Ave Medford
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A. Catch basin depressed

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