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For years, the stagnant water at the end of "Channel B" at Chicken Ranch Beach
has been known to be contaminated. There is a sign next to the pool at the
end of the channel but small children and dogs, can't read it.
No one knows just how contaminated the sand and water just below it are as the
water goes underground from there to the bay.
The Tomales Bay Watershed Council has been diligently walking the walk through
all the bureaucratic maneuvers to re-direct the channel so that the creek diverts to
Channel A and there won't be any water coming down that way. There was a June 2010
hydrology study called the Kamman study which suggested the change. The new
owners of the property above the beach have given approval for the County Parks
Dept. to make the change. Now, we need to convince the county that they need to make this repair an urgent
priority before our children start playing there this summer. Please call Steve Petterle, Marin County Parks
and Open Space, 499-6394. He asked that all questions, comments and concerns regarding the beach
and water quality be directed to him at 499-6394.

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