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Trees: Fallen / Broken Limbs Acknowledged

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Trees: Fallen / Broken Limbs


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2 branches fell today hitting our roof and nearly striking a person in the driveway. A 40' limb fell during the last storm, and multiple limbs have fallen over the past couple year, yet we're still waiting for a tree health assessment. I have requested this city owned tree be removed multiple times as it is a hazard to my house, my family and the community.

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Q. What is the address?
A. 50 Englehutt Rd
Q. Is the tree on public or private property?
A. Private
Q. Issue(s) with tree(s) - please click all that apply.
A. Dead Limbs, Fallen Tree , Branches hitting/interfering with the house, Dangling Branches, Broken Limbs
Q. Other (please be as descriptive as possible)
A. No Answer Given

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