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The grass need to be cut at 651 Wesbrook in Pontiac. It is time for the City of Pontiac come to out and do something to this property. It was to be torn down early part of 2011 but unfortunately its still standing. We have called Oakland County records and deeds and they tell us that the city of Pontiac now owns the property. We then called the city for weeks in and FINALLY(People don't like answering their phones within the city government offices) got to speak with someone but nothing was done. 651 Wesbrook has become an eye sore in this community. We spent last summer cutting the grass at this property, it is NOW Pontiac's turn to cut it. If I personally have to cut it, I will do so then dump the grass in front of City Hall. If this had been an issue with an homeowner not cutting his/her grass, they would be fined! PONTIAC GET OFF THE POT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROPERTY!!! THIS ABANDONED HOUSE IS A DANGER TO THE CHILDREN AND OLDER RESIDENTS ON THIS STREET.

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