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Sec. 82-2. Definitions.
Abandoned Sign – A sign that identifies a business, person, or activity that has ceased to operate on the premises on which the sign is located.

Sec. 82-3. GENERAL.
f. All signs, including supports, braces and anchors, shall be kept in
good repair and neat appearance. The face or display surface of
all signs shall be kept neatly posted or painted at all times.
Removable panels shall be free of cracks, breaks, holes, fading or
any other damage. Missing sign panels shall be replaced within 30
days or evidence of sign repair in progress, evidence of which must
be provided to and approved by the City Building Inspection
Department. All electrical and/or electronic components be
maintained in good working conditions.

g. All signs shall be subject to inspection by the City’s Code
Enforcement and Building Inspections. Any sign which, because of
damage or disrepair, becomes a hazard to public health or safety or
is not being maintained as provided herein, shall be immediately
removed upon receipt of notice from the City. An abandoned sign
shall be removed on the first anniversary of its abandonment, or on
the second anniversary if the property is leased. In addition to any
other remedies available to the City, any sign remaining in violation
of this provision may be removed by the City and the sign may be
sold at private or public sale. The owner of the sign shall be
responsible for all costs of removal, storage and sale. The
proceeds from the sale of such sign shall offset the City’s costs in
removing, storing and selling such sign and the balance remaining,
if any, shall be refunded to the owner

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