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Street Sweeping


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No towing policy fail. I notice that the city does not ticket cars parked illegally during street sweeping. Consequently large sections of streets go un-swept. There was no real challenge to the implementation of this policy, because when a city is run by a single political Party for over half a century, there’s no real dialogue, and therefore no real incentive to improve ANYTHING: dirty streets, growing crime, mediocre school system, etc. Just keep the Party donors happy, so we can maintain the status quo. Notice those long-obsolete signs posting the TWICE a month sweeping schedule? That was done away with many years ago. And of course we never got an explanation why street sweeping was completely suspended last summer due to COVID. Street sweepers spread COVID? Perhaps the next step will be to reduce sweeping to every other month. I hope then at least they’ll ticket cars, so we’re getting SOMETHING for our excessively-high taxes. Sigh…


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