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Speed Enforcement - If this request needs an immediate response, please contact 9-1-1 or the Police Non-Emergency Line at 781-395-1212.


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Most cars speed crazily in both directions. Despite the 2 yellow crosswalk signs, they don't stop (20 cars went by this morning before one stopped).
Last week, one car stopped and the one behind was driving so fast he swerved to the other lane, he was lucky there was nobody coming, it would have been a terrible accident. Maybe lights on the crosswalk signs and the repainting of the crosswalk will help. But the core of the problem is that the speed limit is not enforced. We had a police car for a few days before the pandemic but then vehicles went back to the "High street" speed.

also asked...
Q. When time of the day does this occur most?
A. All the time
Q. Location / Area?
A. Crosswalk High St - Essex St

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