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Speeding down Willow St. as vehicles come off of I-91 is a major safety concern, especially given the vicinity of East Rock Elementary School and high volume of pedestrian traffic as you enter the residential East Rock neighborhood.

Suggestions to reduce speeding:

1) Speed Limit Signs Needed on Willow St. : Currently, there is a noticeable absence of speed limit signs, and none are posted on the east or west bound sides of Willow St. from the stretch from the I-91 exit ramp until after Orange St.

2) Addition of Stop Signs at Willow/Nicoll St. Intersection: This busy intersection has been a magnet for car and pedestrian accidents for years, and the addition of east and west bound stop signs at the Willow/Nicoll St. intersection could be a quick and inexpensive effort to slow traffic, reduce speeding and hopefully mitigate future accidents. Note: There is currently a traffic light at Willow St./Mitchell Dr., but once past the light, vehicles speed on Willow St. past the Nash St. and Nicoll St. intersections.


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