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Need Crosswalk Signs Open

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The crosswalk on N Fairfax Dr at the corner with N Utah St is in a high pedestrian traffic area with 2 lanes of cars both directions. There is a marked crosswalk, yield triangles painted on the pavement, yellow "Heavy Pedestrian Traffic" signs, and a "Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk, $100-500 violation fine" sign in the other direction. And yet cars DO NOT yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. It's a high traffic area as well (and cars regularly exceed the 30mph speed limit when they can), so pedestrians regularly have to risk getting hit if they want to use that crosswalk -- you basically have to step out in front of cars and judge that they have enough time to stop. I've experienced this first-hand on EVERY occasion I use that crosswalk and just the other day saw a fellow pedestrian crossing the other way almost get hit from both traffic directions. It's also extremely treacherous once you've crossed halfway and the other direction of cars refuse to yield.

Is it possible to request/recommend the addition of those neon yellow State Law yield signs? It seems like the only thing that cars pay attention to in that area.

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