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A dangerous tree with decaying trunk is located in the backyard of the property at 18472 Rosemont Avenue. This tree is very close to the fence and is uprooting from the ground. The several rounds of torrential rain and severe winds this year has caused the tree roots to uproot from the ground.

The tree is cracking and unleveling the driveway located at 18464 Rosemont.

Tree branches & leaves are laying on the roof and gutters located in the backyard of the property located at 18472 Rosemont.

The property owner is CMBLT LLC.

Please forward to an appropriate City of Detroit Office so that this urgent concern is addressed.

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Q. If exact address is unknown, please provide the nearest address to the problem.
A. 18472 Rosemont Avenue
Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Other
Q. Is access to a sidewalk, street, driveway or property blocked?
A. No
Q. Where is the tree located?
A. Other

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