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A roundabout was constructed at the intersection of Bliley and Blakemore Roads over 2 weeks ago and has not been completed. The Westlake Hills Community is highly upset, as we are having to fix the cones that keep getting knocked over since they are the only indication of what the new traffic pattern is supposed to be.
- The signage around the intersection is terrible. New lines haven't been painted and the old lines are still in place (which leaves traffic from Bliley Road stopping in the middle of the roundabout traffic).
- The placement of the circle in the center is too close to one corner, leaving cars little room to negotiate between a light pole and the center circle. (This will be a problem during icy weather.)
- There needs to be a "roundabout" sign with the Yield sign showing drivers what they are supposed to be doing.

Please give us an estimated time on when this project is supposed to be completed. Also, please let us know if there is any concern about the center circle being too close to Bliley Road and leaving little room for traffic to steer around without hitting the light pole.

Thank you!


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