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Hi, I am writing to ask the police officer assigned to the new Stop & Shop on Whalley Avenue if he would spend some time at the south end of the plaza as well, near the laundromat.

Today, July 3, in the afternoon, round 3 or 4 pm, a woman helped a young boy pee on the sidewalk on Elm St, on that side of the shopping plaza.

There is a bathroom in Stop & Shop, not sure of the laundromat.

If it had been so, so urgent that there was not time to make it to the bathroom, this woman could at least have protected this little boy's dignity a little by finding a more discreet location.

It was flagrant, peeing in a big arc so that if you were had bicycled by on Elm you probably would have caught some on your shoe.

I was walking and couldn't go by on the sidewalk at all because of it.

The way this woman did this , I figured that it wasn't an ER, that she would have done it only because the bathroom was too much trouble to walk to, or because she thinks boys shouldn't have to use bathrooms at all.

it was really disgusting and I would appreciate it if the PD, who are always in Stop & Shop, and their security too, could make their presence known a lot on this end of the plaza too. the laundromat there attracts some bad behavior. Thanks.


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