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Overgrown lot at 3564 S. Halsted St Archived

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UPDATE: As of August 1st, the owner has still not taken any action to clear this large grown up lot.

PROGRESS: On July 26th, a crew with the Dept of Streets and Sanitation came by to cut the high weeds in the corner section of the lot, near the 36th St sidewalk, where there is no fence. It took about 10 people working non-stop about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to clear the area because the weeds were so high and dense.

I really appreciate their work. It made such a difference for our block.

The supervisor told me he was writing up several fines for the owner today. He told he would come by weekly to issue new fines until this owner took care of the weeds in the large fenced lot at this location.

On July 25th, I made a 3rd report of this lot to 311.

On July 19th, I made a 2nd report of this lot to 311.
Reference #1103405611

On June 28th, I made my 1st report of this lot to 311.

On June 17th, I reported this lot to Alderman Balcer's office.

Vacant lot is overgrown with weeds as high as 5 ft. Especially bad is the southeast corner of the lot, where there are weeds at least 5 ft tall on each side of the sidewalk that runs along 36th St. This lot is just 1 block away from Alderman Balcer's office.


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